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Our national campaign AddressPollution.org has made air pollution disclosure a legal obligation for estate agents, landlords and property owners.

In September 2019, on a crowdfunded budget, we launched addresspollution.org.

The website gave every Greater London resident the ability to check air pollution levels at their doorstep with a click.

Using the most accurate pollution data available the service rates properties out of 5, shows whether an address exceeds WHO limits and gives users the tools to act.

For the launch we ran provocative billboard ads in some of the most polluted areas of central London, projected pollution ratings onto high profile buildings and commissioned the track 'Choke' by political rapper DrillMinister.

In March 2021 we launched addresspollution.org nationwide.

The campaign was front page news, twice. It has featured in more than 230 pieces of national and international press, TV and radio and has changed the property sector for good, turning home owners and estate agents into budding environmentalists.

Like Asbestos, every property owner now wants rid of this invisible killer.

AddressPollution.org is shifting awareness of air pollution into a new stratosphere driving action and change.


The UK Government still hasn’t run one single awareness campaign on a problem that is now killing more people than war, smoking, obesity and alcohol – so in 2017 we decided to.

  Check out our first awareness campaign on this invisible toxic problem that is still robbing many children of healthy lives.

Air pollution


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  We create and run above the line awareness campaigns to deepen public understanding on issues that matter to people, but the government no longer seems too concerned about.

 Because we're in the public interest, our campaigns are based on data & information from academic institutions. No false claims, no hidden agendas. The truth and nothing but the truth.

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